How ramen came to Tampere

I had my first real taste of ramen in Japan 25 years ago. I fell in love instantly, but for me, Japanese ramen was too much steeped in tradition. So, it wasn’t until I lived and worked in Hawaii that I realized Ramen could be so much more. Hawaiian cuisine is bursting with Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese influences as well as flavors uniquely native to the islands, such as Poke bowls. I wanted to take the concept of ramen I fell in love with years ago and combine it with the Hawaiian open-minded ideal of diversity.

Aloha Tampere

After 5 years living in Tampere, it was time for a ramen restaurant. Not only because there wasn’t one yet, but we felt locals were longing for new, different and bold flavors. However, my love for ramen and the timing alone were not enough to build an entire restaurant. The most important cornerstone of Aloha Ramen is the Ohana Spirit. Ohana means family, and we want everyone to feel like they are coming into our home the second they enter the door. It applies not only to our guests, but also to our employees. We are a family, and we always cook and serve food with our heart. That’s why we are always looking for positive vibes and bright personalities.

Relaxed, local and full of flavor

Aloha Ramen doesn’t even try to serve traditional Japanese ramen. We use local northern ingredients and try to keep things as sustainable as possible. All our proteins are 100% of Nordic origin. We also use veggies form local farms as much as the weather and other conditions permit. However, the origin of ramen has not been forgotten. The four basic elements Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso (fermented bean) and Tonkotsu (pork) always resonate in Aloha’s flavors. You can find sweet, sour, umami and spiciness in every dish on the menu.

Because of Hawaiian influences, we do not have to be constrained to traditions. In addition to awesome Japanese ramen, we celebrate the sense of relaxation, which both Hawaii and Tampere are known for.

Tam To
Founder & chef